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The heart of THE WORSHIP TENT is to see a harvest of souls for the cause of our Lord, Jesus Christ!  Hence, this is why you are seeing an erected tent, THE WORSHIP TENT, at the base of a casino.  In October of 2020, God began speaking to us about putting this tent up in Murphy on 64/74. Truth be known, we were like, “God, this just can’t be what you are asking us to do… we are not tent people as we know nothing about tents and we surely are not at an age where we desire to erect and tear down a tent and move to different locations. God, you put the call on our lives to build a refuge here in Murphy, this we are sure of! But this tent? God, we need confirmation!”  About 5 weeks later, we were on a ministry Zoom call with some pastors out of the Bahamas. Beautiful people and so full of faith! They love our Lord, Jesus Christ so passionately! In early November, while we were on the call, the minister that had been praying and sharing God’s Word for over an hour, interrupts himself and says, “Camillo and Rachelle, I must share this with you, it is strong in my spirit from the Lord, I hear Him saying to tell you to PUT THE TENT UP! PUT THE TENT UP! TENTS ARE GOING TO GO UP ALL OVER AMERICA! PUT THE TENT UP!” And we KNEW if we did not do what God had ALREADY spoken to us at this point with this CONFIRMING word, as we already knew what the Lord had spoken to us long before, we literally feared what would happen if we didn’t do it! So we got into obedience and agreement with the Lord and my husband and I began the work.  A tent for Spiritual Awakening and Revival in our tri-state area right here in these Western North Carolina Mountains!  

We knew that God was instructing us to set up a place where people can come and seek His face and find JESUS, find healing, deliverance, peace, restored marriages, set free from drugs and addictions because under the anointing they can’t help but fall on their knees and cry out to Him, REPENT and seek Him. As we enter into that time of worship, we let the people know that we are not here to entertain them. To put on a Christian show or concert for them. We are here so that they can enter into a place of worship within their own hearts as they seek Him. They may want to journal to Him; shout for joy to Him! They may need to fall on their face and repent to Him at the altar, right there in their seat or even at home. They may need someone to come and pray with them. They may want to study His Word as they sit and worship Him during these times of worship. They may not have ever met Jesus and have come to see what is this place?  And there, they will find Jesus.  We are to let the Holy Spirit lead. We will not have an end time. Only a start time.



My husband is Camillo Castellana. I am Rachelle Castellana. We have two boys. Guyatano and Giovani, 16 and 14. Our boys love the Lord. They have both accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. They were both baptized here in Murphy in Davis Creek a number of years ago. My husband and I have been part of church plants in Tampa, Florida from 2002 to 2013. My husband helped to establish a 24-hour prayer center in Brandon, Florida. He worked there LABORIOUSLY to help birth that center. The Prayer Center operated for 8 years until it was sold and it continued for another 7 years.

We have been part of home groups and led them within our church in Tampa. In late 2007, we began gathering with a home church group that encompassed several ministers in our area at that time. We all attended different churches, but gathered for the name of Jesus every week. We continued these gatherings for 8 years. My husband and I took over the gatherings the last 3 years in our own home in Tampa. My husband attended Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary in Tampa for over 3 years. He served MANY HOURS at the Prayer Center to help pay for his costs to attend seminary. Camillo graduated with his Master’s degree and was ordained by Dr. Lawrence Langston, Chancellor of Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary.

It was in 2008 when the Lord commissioned us to Murphy, NC to serve His purposes. We stayed in Tampa continuing to serve the Lord until He moved us here in 2015. Many have been praying in Florida for Murphy, NC for many years. Our hearts are embedded here. We have been attending First Baptist Church of Murphy for the last 4.5 years where we have been blessed to come to know more precious brothers and sisters in Christ who have loved us and still loves us like family and we love them! They have loved our boys like their own. The Lord revealed early on to us, long before we ever moved here, that HE IS GOING TO MOVE HERE IN MURPHY AND HIS SPIRIT WILL POUR OUT FROM HERE! I, Rachelle, have been coming to Murphy, NC for 45 years; then we moved here permanently 7 years ago - 52 years!. I have family here off of Davis Creek Road in Hanging Dog. I grew up in these mountains as my second home. I just never knew that God would bring us here for His Kingdom purposes like He did. My husband has been coming to Murphy for the last 20 years. My sons call Murphy “home!"

We will serve the Lord all of our days and we pray that we bring glory to His name and that many will come to know Jesus while under our watch wherever He sends us!  


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